Leather Goods

Panoramic Exports is an Indian company specializing in the export of leather goods. With a focus on high-quality products, they have established themselves as a reliable supplier in the international market. The company sources its leather from trusted tanneries and employs skilled artisans to create a wide range of goods, including bags, wallets, and belts. Panoramic Exports ensures that its products are made with precision and attention to detail, resulting in quality and fashionable items.
Some of the Leathers we offer are Aniline, Drum dyed, Nappa, Nubuck, Suede, Cow Split, etc. in various species e.g. lamb, goat, cow, buff, etc. We have expertise in Treatments, Washing, Vintage, Colouring, Braiding, Woven, Foiled, Embroidered, Combinations of fabrics, Perforation, etc. in high-quality leathers as well as embroidery and embellishments.